Sangha Nights – 2017 Programme

Sangha Nights are held each Tues evening from 7.30-9.30

Each week members of our sangha will offer something different. Maybe a talk/Poems or something with reference to a Buddhist teaching that has made a difference to their lives. Each week they will aim to have an evening of spiritual worship, with meditation, a short talk and conclude the evening with a 3 fold puja. Please have a look a few days before the evening commences or on our notice board for further information.

Winter Spring 2017

Jan 31st ” Recognising the Three Laksanas”

Feb 7th Led by Chandramani: Theme: ‘More than a Feeling’ Vedana and choosing freedom’.

Vedanā (Pāli; Sanskrit) is a Buddhist term traditionally translated as either “feeling” or “sensation.” In general, vedanā refers to the pleasant, unpleasant and neutral sensations that occur when our internal sense organs come into contact with external sense objects and the associated consciousness.

Tuesday, 21st February, 7.30 start: Sangharakshita and the Shadow of the Past

A talk by Vishvapani followed by discussion

I’ll be looking at some of the controversies that have been connected with Sangharakshita, Triratna’s founder, which have caused upset in the movement in both the past and the present, and asking what they mean for people who practice in Triratna.

Introduction to the Brahma Viharas or sublime abodes over four weeks.

28th February Sangha Night Week One: 

Metta Bhavana

In the next five weeks we will be exploring these meditations and their near and far enemies. There will be talks from the sangha, meditation and exploration. This week there will be an overall introduction and some emphasis on metta or loving kindness as the basis for the others. There is lots of information on Free Buddhist Audio for those who wish to explore beforehand. If you can it would be good to come to,all five evenings but they also stand alone.

 Week Two:7th March

The Karuna Bhavana a positive way of working with suffering.

There are many things on a personal and wider level that evokes in us a wish to help others when we perceive suffering. The Karuna Bhavana meditation helps us to develop compassion rather than becoming overwhelmed and anxious. More details to be circulated nearer to the time about specific content. We will of course be doing the Karuna Bhavana meditation.

 Week Three:14th March

The Mudita Bhavana a way of responding positively and consistently to the happiness of others.

We will be looking at cultivating a consistent positive emotional state and rejoicing in the positive qualities of others and ourselves. We will be doing the Mudita Bhavana meditation and exploring how to counteract envy and those twinges of resentment we all suffer from occasionally.

 Week Four:21st March

The Uppekkha Bhavana a combination of all the Brahma Viharas results in equanimity.

It is a balance of the other positive states we have been cultivating. We will look at this and how to spot it’s enemies neutrality and indifference. We will be doing the Upekkha Bhavana meditation with time to reflect and discuss things.

28th March: Sangha evening is led by Vishvapani: Theme to be announced

4th April: Sangha evening is led by Vishvapani: Theme to be announced

11th April:  Mantra Workshop Led by Tamonua: Theme to be announced

We will be looking at what mantra is, playing with sound a little, chanting together and finishing with a sevenfold puja. More details to be announced later.

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