School and College Visits

At Cardiff Buddhist Centre we welcome visits from schools and colleges and aim to tailor a visit to the interests and needs of your pupils/students. In the last few years we have helped our younger visitors learn about Buddhism by sharing with them the basic principles, values and practices of Buddhism in the West.

Thank you very much for your hospitality to us… The students really appreciated the visit and wrote some very thoughtful things on their feedback sheets. Your explanations were really clear and you made the students feel comfortable…University lecturer

We can also provide visitors to talk about Buddhism for your school or college.

What do visits include?

These will be tailored to the needs of your group, (from Key Stage 1-4 and college students) so please let us know if you have any requirements. In general activities offered include:

  • Listening to an introduction to Buddhism and the life of the Buddha
  • Exploring Buddhist symbols and images
  • Participating in a quiet reflection session and learning basic meditation in the Shrine Room
  • Participating in a chanting session
  • Listening to Buddhist stories and tales
  • Watching stories (DVD format for Key Stage 1-4) and completing activity sheets
  • Open question and answer session

How does the visit fit in with the curriculum?

As a teacher/lecturer your main interests might be:-

  • Showing your students a place of worship
  • Making sense of Buddhist teachings e.g. The 8 Fold Path
  • Understanding different festival days
  • Learning about the Buddha as the leader of a major world faith

I’m interested in a visit, how do I contact the Centre?

Please ring us or email us and one of the team will then get back to you and make arrangements.

See our Contacts page for details

Is there a cost for the visit?

There is no set cost but we suggest a donation of £40 per school visit. For someone to visit a school we suggest £40 plus travelling expenses.

Further Information

The Clear Vision Trust can supply audio-visual resources for teachers and students who wish to learn about Buddhism